Sweet Halloween Dreams by begemott on Deviant Art This image is one of my favorites. The sight of the brave bear standing against an overwhelming opponent, two impossibilities faced off in conflict. This image eventually inspired me to create teddy bears fighting nightmares. Inspiration, though, can be a fine line, searching for that balance between... Continue Reading →

What is a Clurichaun?

For over two decades I have generally relied upon clurichaun as my online nickname. It's a bit of a blur where I first learned of them, but it was certainly from Dungeons and Dragons or Changeling: The Dreaming role-playing game. My interest in playing these games became my desire to write fiction, although my obsession... Continue Reading →

A Malicious Copse, Writing Sample

NOTE: This piece is considerably darker than those I have previously posted. The knobbly, wooden hands bent as twisted as though they were flesh.  Weilding a small pair of shears, they precisely began to snip at the stitching.  Sharp intakes of breath accompanied the work, eventually turning to a whimper as stuffing began to be... Continue Reading →

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