Quiet Dreams: Then and Now

General Henry Wilson Penal Laws Tenant evictions Kilmainham Jail Random words, yet all connected in the history of British oppression and dominance of Ireland. Centuries of colonialism, violence, and the treatment of an entire country of people without value. There were many attempts at pushing them from the island, but it did not bear fruit... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Shall I Share A Dream?

I became fascinated with Ireland and Scotland sometime in my teens. Not too many years had passed before it became known to me that many of my ancestors came from these countries. Naturally, I went through a phase of considering it a matter of heritage, as so many Americans do, before escaping the romanticism of... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: A Few Thoughts on the Celts, Part One

To be a Celt would have been an honor, though their way of life could not survive with the introduction of “civilization”.  They weren’t a homogenous culture, but a vast network of people’s spread across Europe that possessed similar cultural traits.Romans often wrote of these “barbarians”, referring to them as Celts generally, but also by... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: A Recollection

Clurichaun. It was my online nick some twenty*coughcoughcough* years ago. Usually I was known as Clur, though. I was big into role-playing games and learned of the clurichauns through a game and novels that accompanied it. I fell in love with the spirit (no pun intended) of the creatures as it was presented. However, it... Continue Reading →

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