Tonight’s mood

I held out my hand, but there wasn’t an answering grasp For mouths that are quick to express love The mind recoils even as the words form They are a hollow sound Bereft of impact when thrown carelessly Callously burning the root of the tongue Which treacherously allows them to escape To end its own... Continue Reading →

A Pleasant Walk

Here we are again. I’ve missed you after all this time. Here is my arm, let’s take another walk, Listening to the crunch and rustle of the gravel overlain with new fallen leaves. The night is comfortable, is it not? Not so cold to focus on warmth, but cool enough to draw us closer. The... Continue Reading →


The depth of night is a pleasure While the world is slumbering I come alive Days are grueling Struggling to maintain composure and alertness But clarity only comes with darkness My bones may be weary But a lifetime of thought beckons Settling into the silence in comfort The solitude of wakefulness As Orpheous visits every... Continue Reading →

Many miles have been traversed,Occasional mileposts are visible through the dust.Worn boots have been cast aside,As though they were the breadcrumbs left to follow.Some fall by the wayside,Some cover the intervening distance.Most are a relief and welcome respite,Others carry too much weight for two to bear.The road carries on and is interminable,Broken at times with... Continue Reading →

Rather than dinner, walk with me, take my hand, lean into my arm and let the sky be the canopy over our head, each twinkling point a decoration for our amusement. Wear something warm, something comfortable, leave the fancy dress for another party and talk to me, or whisper, or say nothing at all,  but... Continue Reading →

Isn't it strange?It's the little things that make you feel like yourself again.Times have been out of sorts,not quite the same as they'd been,though unusually the same as ever.How odd.Where have these thoughts been?Keeping the feelings from being lonely, perhaps.Maybe it was a road trip where your ID was left behind.Guess they forgot the invite,otherwise... Continue Reading →

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