Another late night Though the sun still shines Mornings come too early Robbing me of my peace I crave the solitude of darkness The wee hours when others slumber The quietude speaks to me My mind rebels at the loss of midnight Craving the weariness of sleep deprivation Jittering from too much tea Trembling from... Continue Reading →


Another day is gone, and all I can do is sigh. So much I desire to do, to create, But where has the time gone? It seems time does nothing but escape, Leaving me here with precious little left to think. I am greedy, it is true, To want all these moments to stretch out,... Continue Reading →


I want to know your soul Listen to the desires That warm the heart Touch my chest Feel my heartbeat It thuds when you speak Hammering in my chest Tell me your weaknesses I want your vulnerabilities Show me your humanity Inform me of mine Sharing our inner selves Your dreams and fears Everything that... Continue Reading →

Here I am Yet you are not I haven’t met you  There is uncertainty Perhaps we never will Hope remains, though The chance to find you And fill my heart With the right person At the right time Knitting my damaged heart Filling yours in return Two people joined together Electric touches Two people Intertwined

Another silent night,  Listening to the wind and rain Struggling to focus,  My mind at odds Simultaneously racing  And befuddled All at once A frustrating predicament The tea is gone But caffeine does nothing Too many years of dependency Too little care to reduce Dreaming of other worlds Cut from whole cloth My fingers dance... Continue Reading →

Love exists as a single-born entity, Residing only within my breast. I want nothing more than her everlasting, Yet received nothing but the scraps of her present. Fearsome aloneness resides, As I drift into delusion. I feel her form within my arms, But hold nothing of substance. In her company I am but a beast,... Continue Reading →

How many masks do I observe Through the course of each day? The truth of an individual Is concealed by a facade. That person is easily recognized  Through a brief observation. This is too trying a thing Given our predilection for fantasy. We want a person to be That which is obvious. None want to... Continue Reading →

Light yellowed by dirty glass, Dust motes glinting in a fading dawn. Empty room, occupied by one, Hollow as the occupant. Silence rings through the halls, Marred by cats and machinery beneath. There exists a quandary; A need for a reason to rise. Rolling up into activity, Leaving plenty of time to cook. Yet, where... Continue Reading →

Cliches of Love

How to describe love? What interpretation presides? With what does one measure The requisite thees and thous? How much an abundance Of flowery discourse to purge? Empty your vacuous desires, Lest you explode in love. Perhaps that could be pleasing, Covering a lover in poesy Before the physicality of Amorous advances. Then there is the... Continue Reading →

I want everything that is beyond reach Chasing everything my fingertips brush My mind, emotions, intellect All are stunted and stifled By my mind, emotions, intellect There is so much desired I don’t deserve it all But I strive to earn I feed myself poisons Trying to bury the want With chemical stimulation Self-loathing remains... Continue Reading →

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