Poetry: Trusting the Past

I have known you for a lifetime Considered you a constant companion You possessed my trust Through many dark days Now look at where we have come There is no presence My life is forsaken This spirit is foundering Introspection is cruelty Seeing now the past through new sight Am I truly made in your... Continue Reading →

Poem: Honor

Abandoned, alone Untrue, yet the thought remains Eternally the stranger Standing apart Alien to the the outcast A mockery of man Enduring the violence of a savage Some throwback to bygone ages Infuriated with dishonor Raging against malfeasance Some distant element of myself Stifled over long years Reemerging after forced containment Longing to lash out... Continue Reading →

Poem: Unattainable

I yearn for the implausible A love beyond reach Outsider to desires Craving a beauty that is but a dream A myth that I covet Woman of distant lands Haunting my every waking thought Drawing forth a sigh of longing Desperate for a long sought caress Love that would invite condemnation Forbidden among my people... Continue Reading →

Poem: Goodbyes

So it goes Another spirit seen off A gay assemblage, reuniting The buzz of conversations Laughter among family So incongruous to my experience Accustomed as i am to stoicism Yet, they are celebrating their love Joy Connections restored While i sit, alone A stranger among them Penning these lines Wishing to join in As they... Continue Reading →

A Poem: Monstrosity

There is a seething rage within me A terror that I have long labored to chain So much trouble it has caused Pain, anguish, fear I recognize the need for it, though Too long has this life been spent placid Avoiding conflict and confrontation Save it up, expend it only when necessary Remember kindness and... Continue Reading →

Poem: That Fool

I have been foolish  A fool as well Yet, it is misunderstood by so many Some interpret it as being dim witted I have been thought of as slow Whereas others have called me brilliant On occasion, they are the same person The reality is that of a damaged mind Not a matter of intellect... Continue Reading →

Poem: Untitled, old

As you lay, alive and dead, I wonder, ponder, and weep Over the destruction of our dream I stand close by, watching you As you sleep without waking The result of a loving relationship Lying a few feet away in another bed Clean, sterile, orderly The very image of medical efficiency How did I fail... Continue Reading →

Poem – Fleeting

My heart is troubled As though that is new So many possibilities But only for so many Others have run out Gone Dust to dust It weighs down the soul Saying goodbye Whether to a lover Or a loved one The pain remains Always acting as reminder That our time is short And our work... Continue Reading →

Who Might You Be?, A Poem

Good afternoon May I shake you by the hand I wouldn’t be so forward To make an assumption Not everyone cares for a touch I mean no offense But you look fascinating to my eyes Such colors to wrap about yourself Purple is a favored hue of mine A merry layer of shades Yet, your... Continue Reading →

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