Voices Within, part four

It didn’t take long to finish the ascent.  They had been quiet, each lost in their thoughts.  The trio stopped when they reached a set of stairs leading to a small portal. “We have no idea what is ahead,” Barnabus said.  “There will be nightmares all over. Some will be chatterlings, others phantoms.  They are... Continue Reading →

Voices Within, part three

“Now then, let’s get out of here.” Barnabus turned and began walking into the gloom.  It seemed the hazy light was following him, leaving Montrose and the child to follow or be left in the dark.   “I found this passage while you were unconscious.  It seems to lead up, which would be far better... Continue Reading →

Illusions of Sanity, part three

Latricia cast a sidelong glance at the other two bears, both of whom looked sheepish and wouldn’t return her gaze. “Before we go,” Marley continued,” make certain you are determined to do this.  This creature is a vicious nightmare and little we see will be as it should. The bogey may have already begun to... Continue Reading →

Illusions of Sanity, part two

Standing was difficult after the impact, but she managed it, hissing in pain.  In spite of the violence with threw her from the nightmare, she knew there were others nearby.  They were perched in the window nook, silently watching. SHe was familiar with the scents of two of them, but the third was a mystery.... Continue Reading →

Voices Within, Part Two (rough draft)

Montrose stood, stunned, then raced forward to hew at the beasts limbs.  Its grip on the door frame loosened under the assault and retreated. Both bears tumbled through the portal which slammed shut behind them. They landed in a corridor of cold stone, lined with steel doors.  The creatures limbs were disappearing around a corner.... Continue Reading →

A Malicious Copse, Writing Sample

NOTE: This piece is considerably darker than those I have previously posted. The knobbly, wooden hands bent as twisted as though they were flesh.  Weilding a small pair of shears, they precisely began to snip at the stitching.  Sharp intakes of breath accompanied the work, eventually turning to a whimper as stuffing began to be... Continue Reading →

Why Quiet Dreams?

I should have addressed this earlier, I suppose. I want my mind to be quiet. I rarely have nightmares these days, but when they do occur it usually leaves me shaken for days. It has, thankfully, been years since this has happened. That last one, thouogh, did damage. It was vivid and featured me trying... Continue Reading →

Voices Within (rough draft sample)

He chose the blue paint.  The color reminded him of their trip to the ocean.  It wasn’t the vivid blue he expected, certainly not like that in the books he grew up with.  But, on the one day of clear weather, the sky was brilliant with shades of blue mixed with whites and greys, contrasting... Continue Reading →

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