Why am I fascinated with nightmares, more specifically fictionalized, horror-driven dreams. I have long been drawn to mythology and folklore creatures. There is an implied menace in the tales that are fuel for an over-active imagination. Faeries are usually depicted as beautiful creatures with gossamer wings, not the creatures of legend who were respected and... Continue Reading →

Illusion of Sanity, final installment

Laticia and Sonny were in the path of the charging boogeymen.  Laticia took down two, but left herself open to the talons of a third.  The creature’s swing would have done worse than ripping away one of her eyes had Sonny not shoved her away.  His gesture then left himself open to the strike that... Continue Reading →

Illusions of Sanity, part nine

Marley’s fur stood up and a shiver went down her body.  It was so slight that no one noticed but Barnabus and Montrose.  The former from holding her hand and the latter because he was watching them carefully.  A sound caused all six bears to focus on the clearing ahead of them. It was the... Continue Reading →

Illusions of Sanity, part eight

She looked him up and down, noting the tatters of his clothing.  His main sword, the Rook, was gripped loosely. His face was tight and uncertain.  There was also a dignified bear standing just behind him. Barnabus looked from face to face, acknowledging each in turn.  Ambrose was chilly, Sonny’s nostrils flared, and Latricia, loyal... Continue Reading →

Illusions of Sanity, part seven

Lost in thought, it was some time before any of the bears spoke.  It was Sonny who finally broke the silence. “I should not have said that I had fought a bogey,” he said softly.  “This is far worse than I could have imagined.” He went silent again and Latricia took his hand. Eventually Marley... Continue Reading →

Illusions of Sanity, part six

“He has his drawbacks, but there is good in him,” she said, almost to herself. The four bears continued quietly, making as little noise as possible. After some time, Marley skipped to a stop.  Her muzzle opened, but only a croaking sound emerged.  Ahead of them the trees appeared to be draped in wool, all... Continue Reading →

Illusions of Sanity, part four

Marley began to walk around seemingly at random.  Latricia watched with puzzlement and looked to Sonny and Ambrose.  Both bears shrugged and watched intently. The bear was reaching out with her hand as though looking for some texture in the air.  When she stopped, they watched a pantomime of patting at the air. All three... Continue Reading →

Voices Within, final installment

Staggering back, the bear stood still and bowed, his eyes closed against pain.  For a moment it seemed he would topple over, but instead stood straight and the lines of pain in his face softened.  Even at that distance, Montrose was certain the wound began to stitch itself closed, leaving only the tear in Barnabus’s... Continue Reading →

Voices Within, part six

A commotion outside caught their attention.  The windows distorted the outside world, but several shapes were visible.  The large display window suddenly cracked from an impact, causing those inside to step back, but, as quickly as they’d come, the figures were gone. The woman continued to cradle Uri in her arms.  He had begun to... Continue Reading →

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