Misplaced Faith, part two

Hamish, Ambrose, and Sonny followed Marley through the Crossroads.  Eventually they arrived at a door decorated in finely carved wood and pastels.  She entered without hesitation and the others trooped in behind her.  The inside of the door and frame, though, were rotted, green with mold and decay. Their surroundings were a bucolic neighborhood, the... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Guest, part one

Barnabus was enjoying the flight, partly sitting in the dreams of the passengers and partly in the plane itself.  It was intrusive he knew, but some were having a terrible trip so he felt the need to tinker about to take the stress off their rest.  They were somewhere over the Atlantic, though, when he... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Salvation, complete draft

“I warned you.”  Hamish’s voice was soft, lacking in accusations.  He knew the situation was beyond the bear’s ability to foresee.  He and Barnabus stood over Montrose’s comatose body, the sounds of the cafe drifting up through the floor. They stared at their friend, willing him to awaken, but nothing could rouse him.  Every attempt... Continue Reading →

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