The Nightmare Plague: At the Crossroads

The night was soft, gentle, easily lulling people to slumber, And yet, a rumble came through the distance, The sound swelled, as a great tide before crashing into the shore, What may have been thunder took on something less welcome, That of a multitude of horsemen, all too familiar to those whose ears it touched,... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: The Prismatic Pearl

Marley trudged through the storm.  She was certain it wouldn’t be much and passed a number of potential refuges.  Of course it began to rage after she had nowhere to take shelter. She grimaced and pushed through the weather, but it was getting more difficult as her plush insides became soaked through. She again regretted... Continue Reading →

Well, it’s rapidly closing in on midnight and I am still drinking coffee. Also, a rare moment that I am not wearing a hat. I have started on Book One of The Nightmare Plague and the working title is Bilal. It will pick up on events in the serials that I post on the blog, in particular upcoming events. Bilal had been away from Amman for a short time, when instincts told him to return. He finds the city being tainted by nightmares and the veil between reality and the dreamscape is thinning. I had hoped to finish chapter one tonight, but, well, I’ve been lazy. I hope everyone is having, or had, a safe and pleasant night and may the coming year provide you with happiness and contentment. All my love, darlings.

The Bell is Tolling

The spirit saw the quarry.  It was a regrettable chore to complete, but knew it was the woman’s time.  On reflection, the creature did suspect that this wasn’t going to be a death in the natural course of life, but it was for others to decide such things.  Drawing itself up, the spirit was about... Continue Reading →

Eyes of Violet

Marley was leaning back on a rock staring into the distance when Barnabus returned.  Although he made no sound, she always knew when he was near.  He sat and leaned on the rock just close enough for their shoulders to touch.  She turned her head and looked at him out of the corner of her... Continue Reading →

The Children of Bilal, Complete

He stood on the roof’s edge, sweeping his gaze across the city.  So many were sleeping peacefully elsewhere, but this place was alive with sounds of life.  Street vendors were gaily calling out to those passing by, bright lights cast their colors across those searching for tonight’s pleasure, and over all of this were the... Continue Reading →

There Are No Heroes, Complete

Marley walked around the group, watching their training with a critical eye.  She was pleased that Leticia was holding her ground against Janice and his axe.  Montrose was showing an equal level of skill against Hamish’s heavy claymore.  With the danger approaching, she was determined to make certain that everyone was prepared for the battles... Continue Reading →

The Children of Bilal, Part Five

Irfaan gasped, his words emerging breathlessly. “Bilal, what is that?” The older bear looked as shocked as his companion. “I have no idea,” he stated, “it isn’t a ghost or a phantasm.  However, it is also between us and the door.  Isn’t there a window behind us?” “There is.” “Then we should be exiting through... Continue Reading →

The Children of Bilal, Part Four

Bilal gripped Irfaan by the shoulder and, with a warm smile, led the younger bear down a maze of alleys.  Another tormented soul was pulling at the bear and he was pleased to see that his new friend was reacting to it. “Just remember,” Bilal stated, “try not to get lost in all the cries... Continue Reading →

The Children of Bilal, Part Three

Reassuring himself that the brothers were safe, the bear slipped back into the night, searching for the next task.  Retracing his steps, Bilal could again hear the sounds of merriment, but something caught his attention.  There was a pile of fabric stuffed behind some bins and, when it was pulled into the light, he was... Continue Reading →

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