Lo, there do I see my father…

Although my medication does well at controlling my bipolar symptoms most days, it can do little about sadness, particularly grief. When depression and sadness intersect, it is a state of indescribable misery. Wolf, or Wolfman, was my little brother. We weren't kin, but he was as much my sibling as if he were flesh and... Continue Reading →

“Who isn’t diagnosed with it?”

That was a common insight I heard growing up when someone was mentioned as being bipolar. It was laughed off and considered nothing more than doctors wanting to make more money by inventing a disorder. People do tend to be at least a little more thoughtful if you say that you are being treated for... Continue Reading →

Just Beneath the Surface

Every ad for medications list a string of potential side-effects that equal out to being more horrifying than whatever it is supposed to treat. What is difficult to parse out in a potential medication is that any suspected side-effect must be reported. Did a person experience flu-like symptoms due to the drug, or did they... Continue Reading →

Anxiously Alive

One of my worst experiences with an anxiety attack was during a two hour, two mile cave tour that I was leading. It wasn't the first or last time I had a mental health hiccup while doing so and it wasn't the last. Ironically, some of my best compliments came from visitors who were experiencing... Continue Reading →

Erratic and Unhinged

I will occasionally write posts about some of my experiences over the course of my employment with the National Park Service, however today I am focusing on the impact of untreated mental health issues in the workplace. It was a long journey to discover why I reacted to events as I have throughout life, particularly... Continue Reading →


My name is William and keeping a public journal or blog is a new thing for me, so I figure a few details are in order. I went from washing dishes and selling books to being a park ranger. This change was 11 years ago and was an attempt to put my life on a... Continue Reading →

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