Mental Health: Interlude

Confession time: I ran out of one of my psych meds nearly a week ago and won't get more until tomorrow or the day after. Don't shout at me! I ran out and kept getting distracted and realized there were no refills when I could focus on the fact. So, it only occurred to me... Continue Reading →

Mental Health: My Recent Experiences

I suppose, so that visitors can better distinguish among the various topics of my blog, it is time I should preface each post with a category. Some people seem more interested in reading about my experiences in living with mental illness. I hope that they take heart at reading of another person's similar experiences, or... Continue Reading →

A Clarification, Perhaps

The other day I found a comment in the spam folder that looked like it was a genuine person rather than a bot, but perhaps it was. Regardless, it was attached to a blog post regarding the loss of a friend that was more of the little brother I wished I had. I discussed a... Continue Reading →

Early Morning Thoughts

Well, my vacation has officially started. It's only the second time I have actually set aside time for one as well. I have no clue what all will be done in the next two weeks apart from writing and possibly going to the coffee shop. House cleaning certainly needs to occur, though. Ever since my... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Nightmare Plague

Easily this has been my favorite project to ever work on and it's tearing me apart that focus and determination are insufficient means to resume work on it. It began as something dear to me, representing issues of concern. I had begun to think of it less as a serial piece and something that I... Continue Reading →


That's the whole thing. It summarizes my life for some time now. Everything feels like an insurmountable task or a pointless endeavor. This doesn't just affect my home life, naturally, but also work. I often dive in to whatever I am working on just to feel as though it is a contribution to the success... Continue Reading →


I am fatigued beyond measure, both physically and mentally. Life events, poor sleep, and depression have left me desperate for relief. Part of my reaction is to spend more time on Twitter as there are few people there that know me, but also that the varied populace there draws me away from Facebook where I... Continue Reading →


April is an up and down month for me. My birthday was yesterday as well as being Project Semicolon Day. Ironic, all things considered. I have spoken of my history with suicide both within myself and external impacts. Having these two events coinciding are symbolic to me. The image above will be my first tattoo,... Continue Reading →


In a matter of weeks I will be forty-four years old. It's just a number to me, marking out how long I have survived being me. Sometimes it feels as though I know exactly who has been marking the passage of those years, but others seem that I am a stranger to myself. I have... Continue Reading →

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