The Nightmare Plague: At the Crossroads

The night was soft, gentle, easily lulling people to slumber, And yet, a rumble came through the distance, The sound swelled, as a great tide before crashing into the shore, What may have been thunder took on something less welcome, That of a multitude of horsemen, all too familiar to those whose ears it touched,... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: The Prismatic Pearl

Marley trudged through the storm.  She was certain it wouldn’t be much and passed a number of potential refuges.  Of course it began to rage after she had nowhere to take shelter. She grimaced and pushed through the weather, but it was getting more difficult as her plush insides became soaked through. She again regretted... Continue Reading →

Eyes of Violet

Marley was leaning back on a rock staring into the distance when Barnabus returned.  Although he made no sound, she always knew when he was near.  He sat and leaned on the rock just close enough for their shoulders to touch.  She turned her head and looked at him out of the corner of her... Continue Reading →

There Are No Heroes, Complete

Marley walked around the group, watching their training with a critical eye.  She was pleased that Leticia was holding her ground against Janice and his axe.  Montrose was showing an equal level of skill against Hamish’s heavy claymore.  With the danger approaching, she was determined to make certain that everyone was prepared for the battles... Continue Reading →

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