In a matter of weeks I will be forty-four years old. It's just a number to me, marking out how long I have survived being me. Sometimes it feels as though I know exactly who has been marking the passage of those years, but others seem that I am a stranger to myself. I have... Continue Reading →

Damaging Words

"How can you say you love someone if you don't love yourself?" Has this question ever been put to you? I heard it from my ex-fiance. That should have been the clue that things wouldn't end well, but I loved her and wanted to find some meeting ground. It didn't work, obviously, since I prefaced... Continue Reading →


...is something my past fiance thought (probably still thinks) that I am incapable of. Why? She questioned that someone who doesn't like themselves cannot be capable of love. We haven't communicated in years, but I do still have feelings for her and the aftermath of our relationship ending was devastating to me, particularly since I... Continue Reading →

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