Poem – Fleeting

My heart is troubled As though that is new So many possibilities But only for so many Others have run out Gone Dust to dust It weighs down the soul Saying goodbye Whether to a lover Or a loved one The pain remains Always acting as reminder That our time is short And our work... Continue Reading →

Poetry: The Unseen Road

You have taken a road I cannot see One day I shall find it and give chase My heart is empty since you left I call your name at times Forgetting that you are oblivious My voice isn’t strong enough  No sound could traverse such a distance You are on the low road I am... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Goodbye, My Brother

Life gives and takes People grow apart The distance multiplied by years Far from sight Out of reach But memories continue to speak Sometimes they are harsh Others are bitter recriminations Though they cannot erase what was Friends become family Family become acquaintances There is no superiority Those dearest do not need blood Shared experiences... Continue Reading →

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