A Banked Flame, part two

A short time later Marley and Hamish returned, both looking haggard, a haunted look in their eyes.  Marley looked to the bed, then at the slumbering Barnabus.  She exhaled softly and walked over to the corner, pulling Barnabus’s cap low over his eyes, and gently stroked his cheek. No one spoke, pretending not to see... Continue Reading →

A Disturbed House, part six

After reclaiming her pipe, Nima watched Constance softly puff on it until she was asleep.  Nima settled in with the pages, eventually slipping into slumber herself. Eventually, a shifting pressure caused Nima to groggily wake.  She felt hot rancid breath on her neck, and bristly hair scratched her cheek.  The scent of strong drink washed... Continue Reading →

A Disturbed House, part five

Cullen felt a chill down his spine, knowing that these words are connected to the presence of this charnel house.   His fellow searchers were overtaken by a near manic state of relief at the seeming lack of danger.  The presence of the pits of bones obviously unnerved them, but they took refuge in pompous... Continue Reading →

A Disturbed House, complete draft to date

The air was colder as they approached the mountains, leaving Nima grateful that Ulrich was so thoughtful to obtain a thick fur cloak before leaving the last settlement.  She was still concerned that she heard Selig berating the man the next night.  She snuggled deeper into the cloak, although it didn’t seem to bother Selig... Continue Reading →

Wrong Turn (possibly disturbing)

Murdock stumbled through the streets.  One thing about Lortan is that it’s people do like to waste resources, such as maintaining lights on a dark night.  There was no moon to see by, and he mostly moved by touch to keep from running into any more walls. He didn’t mean to drink so much, much... Continue Reading →


Why am I fascinated with nightmares, more specifically fictionalized, horror-driven dreams. I have long been drawn to mythology and folklore creatures. There is an implied menace in the tales that are fuel for an over-active imagination. Faeries are usually depicted as beautiful creatures with gossamer wings, not the creatures of legend who were respected and... Continue Reading →

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