Voices Within, complete rough draft

He chose the blue paint.  The color reminded him of their trip to the ocean.  It wasn’t the vivid blue he expected, certainly not like that in the books he grew up with.  But, on the one day of clear weather, the sky was brilliant with shades of blue mixed with whites and greys, contrasting... Continue Reading →

Searching for Darkness, part two

Nothing was visible below them but clouds, the rush of wind ruffling their fur.  The wind was strong enough to stop Montrose from screaming in shock. He could just hear Barnabus say:  “This hasn’t happened in a long time. Get comfortable. This could take a while.” Montrose looked at the bear, his eyes wild.  Nothing... Continue Reading →

Searching for Darkness, part one

“Why are we here, Barnabus?”  Montrose slipped into the bedroom just behind his friend.  It was a mess: Clothes piled everywhere posters hanging lazily from the wall, and the smell of old food.  He climbed the nightstand to see a sleeping teenager. Turning to glance over the room and the state of entropy made better... Continue Reading →

A Distant House, part one

The air was colder as they had approached the mountains, leaving Nima grateful that Ulrich was so thoughtful to obtain a thick fur cloak before leaving the last settlement.  She was still concerned that she heard Selig berating the man the next night. She snuggled deeper into the cloak, although it didn’t seem to bother... Continue Reading →

Writing is so difficult for me. I love it and have a considerable amount of ideas, character arcs, and scenes. Translating this into words is a nightmare. So, I just keep working on it, knowing that the effort will teach me more than imaginings ever would. Each of the short pieces that are on this... Continue Reading →

Salvation by Nightmare

They had been pursuing her for days, toying with their prey.  She knew they were close, but the echoes of the night made it difficult to know how far.  Hope still burned inside of her. Would he remember the promise? The map was detailed, leading her past one landmark after another.  If the family stories... Continue Reading →

The Captain’s Mission

The sleigh raced through the forest, snow kicked up by the reindeer blinding it’s passengers.  Hally gripped the rails tightly as another tree was dodged. She glanced at the armored back of the driver who was standing on bent legs urging the beasts on.  For a woman who dwells in the wild, this reckless race... Continue Reading →

Ahlia’s Intro, Practice Session

Ahlia took another sip of the thick, sweet coffee in her cup.  She was sparing with the luxury; it took quite some time for supplies to reach her camp.  She swirled the remains in the earthenware cup and drained down the dregs, needing all the energy available in the liquid.  Sighing, her eyes passed over... Continue Reading →


“I’m telling you it’s true,” Wisher objected.  “He was responsible for it all! Incompetence, they all said.” Marta continued to look skeptical, but the man and his friend Monk were known to be straight talkers.  She was slowly being swayed by their words. “But it’s Oggy, we’re talking about.  If he was that much of... Continue Reading →

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