A Disturbed House, part five

Cullen felt a chill down his spine, knowing that these words are connected to the presence of this charnel house.   His fellow searchers were overtaken by a near manic state of relief at the seeming lack of danger.  The presence of the pits of bones obviously unnerved them, but they took refuge in pompous... Continue Reading →

A Disturbed House, complete draft to date

The air was colder as they approached the mountains, leaving Nima grateful that Ulrich was so thoughtful to obtain a thick fur cloak before leaving the last settlement.  She was still concerned that she heard Selig berating the man the next night.  She snuggled deeper into the cloak, although it didn’t seem to bother Selig... Continue Reading →

A Disturbed House, Part Four

The portcullis was raised and the gates stood open and there was a skittering of startled little claws.  Cullen groaned.  His dislike of rats was well-known to the others.   The walk through the gatehouse was a nervous affair with the walls and ceiling lined with holes for attacking anyone attempting to assault the structure.... Continue Reading →

A Disturbed House, Part Two

The party walked back to the encampment in the town center.  They occupied the southern part of the plaza while the rest of the expedition was to the north. As they approached, the nobleman’s pages stood waiting to assist.  They helped remove the party’s equipment and everyone began seeing to maintenance, oiling blades and beating... Continue Reading →

A Fortunate Meeting, Part One

Rory sighed at the complaining of his warriors.  Neither he or Brastic were chained, but the rest were bound in manacles.  The fact that they still live was little consolation. Btastic had been getting a laugh at their moaning over the circumstances.  They already did not like the man so there was little harm to... Continue Reading →

Wrong Turn (possibly disturbing)

Murdock stumbled through the streets.  One thing about Lortan is that it’s people do like to waste resources, such as maintaining lights on a dark night.  There was no moon to see by, and he mostly moved by touch to keep from running into any more walls. He didn’t mean to drink so much, much... Continue Reading →

A Timely Meeting, Part Two

He heard Brastic sigh in relief.  The two men were far from friends, but they had learned to respect one another and he knew that Rory could have both a commanding presence and skill in social protocols.  A full head shorter than his servant, Rory was not a man to underestimate. “So, Captain,” rory said,... Continue Reading →

A Timely Meeting, Part One

The soldiers escorting Rory and Brastic into the tent.  They had seemed uncomfortable chaining the two men, but did not remove them.  Rory had said little, spending his time observing these strange people, allowing Brastic to engage those who would talk.  Both men had grown accustomed to the other’s strengths and weaknesses. The soldiers had... Continue Reading →

The Captain’s Chase

The sleigh raced through the forest, snow kicked up by the reindeer blinding it’s passengers.  Hally gripped the rails tightly as another tree was dodged. She glanced at the armored back of the driver who was standing on bent legs urging the beasts on.  For a woman who dwells in the wild, this reckless race... Continue Reading →

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