Red Maple: A Welcome Worn Thin

The day had been pleasant, but in the mountains this can change quickly.  Klaus thought pressing on was worth the effort  rather than stopping to prepare a campsite.  The more chilled he became, the burly man thought of how strong his body is, and he could survive something as paltry as cold air.  The people... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: A Disturbed House, part six

After reclaiming her pipe, Nima watched Constance softly puff on it until she was asleep.  Nima settled in with the pages, eventually slipping into slumber herself. Eventually, a shifting pressure caused Nima to groggily wake.  She felt hot rancid breath on her neck, and bristly hair scratched her cheek.  The scent of strong drink washed... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: The Knowledge Thief

“But it’s a brothel,” Renton exclaimed. Ambrose sighed.  “You need to broaden your horizons.  This place is reputable and clean.  They even pay their taxes.” Renton looked at his friend out of the corner of his eye. “You aren’t serious?” “Trust me.  This is how things work in Red Maple.  You’ll get used to it.”... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: A Disturbed House, Part Four

The portcullis was raised and the gates stood open and there was a skittering of startled little claws.  Cullen groaned.  His dislike of rats was well-known to the others.   The walk through the gatehouse was a nervous affair with the walls and ceiling lined with holes for attacking anyone attempting to assault the structure.... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: A Disturbed House, Part Three

After the food was packed away and the dishes cleaned, the pages split up the duties of night watch.  Ulrich chuckled and asked where the rest of them figured into the job.  He was rebuked with chidings that all the old people needed sleep.   “Silence that disrespect!”  Osa’s roar shook the walls of the courtyard. ... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: A Disturbed House, Part Two

The party walked back to the encampment in the town center.  They occupied the southern part of the plaza while the rest of the expedition was to the north. As they approached, the nobleman’s pages stood waiting to assist.  They helped remove the party’s equipment and everyone began seeing to maintenance, oiling blades and beating... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: A Disturbed House, Part One

The air was colder as they approached the mountains, leaving Nima grateful that Ulrich was so thoughtful to obtain a thick fur cloak before leaving the last settlement.  She was still concerned that she heard Selig berating the man the next night.  She snuggled deeper into the cloak, although it didn’t seem to bother Selig... Continue Reading →

A Fortunate Meeting, Part One

Rory sighed at the complaining of his warriors.  Neither he or Brastic were chained, but the rest were bound in manacles.  The fact that they still live was little consolation. Btastic had been getting a laugh at their moaning over the circumstances.  They already did not like the man so there was little harm to... Continue Reading →

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