The Children of Bilal, Complete

He stood on the roof’s edge, sweeping his gaze across the city.  So many were sleeping peacefully elsewhere, but this place was alive with sounds of life.  Street vendors were gaily calling out to those passing by, bright lights cast their colors across those searching for tonight’s pleasure, and over all of this were the... Continue Reading →

The Children of Bilal, Part Five

Irfaan gasped, his words emerging breathlessly. “Bilal, what is that?” The older bear looked as shocked as his companion. “I have no idea,” he stated, “it isn’t a ghost or a phantasm.  However, it is also between us and the door.  Isn’t there a window behind us?” “There is.” “Then we should be exiting through... Continue Reading →

Unquiet Dreams

Lately, much like this morning, I have found myself disturbed. A number have dreams have come to me of late that were very deceptive. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, although the events and settings were themselves representative of monumental changes to my life. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but a sense of unease... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Salvation, Part Five

“It’s still close.  Somewhere in the neighborhood, I think,” Bilal said. “We’ll have a better chance with greater numbers.,” Teddy said.  “Bilal, this is Barnabus.” Bilal approached warily, examining Barnabus with curiosity. “So, you are him, then.  I have heard much of you.”  Bilal’s voice was soothing. Barnabus felt calm in the bear’s presence. “Probably... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Salvation, Part Four

He felt Teddy’s paw settle on his shoulder, the grip reassuring him.  Barnabus sighed and looked up into the squinted eyes. “Should I stay away from other bears?” The other bear stared at him for a moment before shaking his head. “No, the younger ones still need you to help.  But stop dragging them into... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Salvation, part three

Barnabus traveled the dreams and nightmares of one person after another, traveling to someone seated in an airplane.  He materialized in an unattended corner, staying there through the flight, listening to the dreams and nightmares, addressing the latter as needed.  The flight was long, arriving in Europe later, where he resumed his dream journey until... Continue Reading →

Searching for Darkness, part three

As they progressed, Montrose realized that the humans were dressed in all manner of clothing, ranging from modern to ancient. “Barnabus, what is the story behind the diversity of clothing.” “People are dressed appropriate to where they are from.  Some have been here for a long time, but others are just passing through.  Stop staring.”... Continue Reading →

Voices Within, complete rough draft

He chose the blue paint.  The color reminded him of their trip to the ocean.  It wasn’t the vivid blue he expected, certainly not like that in the books he grew up with.  But, on the one day of clear weather, the sky was brilliant with shades of blue mixed with whites and greys, contrasting... Continue Reading →

Searching for Darkness, part one

“Why are we here, Barnabus?”  Montrose slipped into the bedroom just behind his friend.  It was a mess: Clothes piled everywhere posters hanging lazily from the wall, and the smell of old food.  He climbed the nightstand to see a sleeping teenager. Turning to glance over the room and the state of entropy made better... Continue Reading →

Where is home?

That has been a fairly common question put to me over the course of my years with the park service. Two women asked me that and I found myself on their travel blog. They made a note that I wouldn't tell them. Most people from a rural area will hem and haw over their home.... Continue Reading →

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