In Pursuit of Salvation, Part Five

“It’s still close.  Somewhere in the neighborhood, I think,” Bilal said. “We’ll have a better chance with greater numbers.,” Teddy said.  “Bilal, this is Barnabus.” Bilal approached warily, examining Barnabus with curiosity. “So, you are him, then.  I have heard much of you.”  Bilal’s voice was soothing. Barnabus felt calm in the bear’s presence. “Probably... Continue Reading →


Another day is gone, and all I can do is sigh. So much I desire to do, to create, But where has the time gone? It seems time does nothing but escape, Leaving me here with precious little left to think. I am greedy, it is true, To want all these moments to stretch out,... Continue Reading →

Someone’s knocking

"Honey, there's someone at the door." Mark woke with a start. He could hear a faint knocking on the front door. It wouldn't have been enough to rouse him normally, but Fran made sure he would get up to answer it. He grumbled and climbed out of the bed. He was still grumbling as he... Continue Reading →

Damaging Words

"How can you say you love someone if you don't love yourself?" Has this question ever been put to you? I heard it from my ex-fiance. That should have been the clue that things wouldn't end well, but I loved her and wanted to find some meeting ground. It didn't work, obviously, since I prefaced... Continue Reading →

Scattered Thoughts

I did not realize there was a spam folder on this account until last week or so. I went through and approved all those that didn't look like spam, but I couldn't tell for certain on some. If you left a comment and I didn't approve it, I am sorry for that. I greatly appreciate... Continue Reading →

The Glaistig

Rhys crashed through the brush, the limbs ripping clothes and flesh, but he was ignorant of the pain.  The thudding of hooves were catching up and he attempted to force his way through the woods with greater speed.  Heart aching, tears streaming down his bearded face, the burly man felt a terror that was alien... Continue Reading →

Human Wreckage

This was not a good day. There were events at work that triggered a massive and lengthy anxiety attack that worsened as I realized mistakes that I had made. Holding up well under the pressure was insufficient and the sense of unease grew. I felt as though a cardiac event were occurring. My mind was... Continue Reading →


I have no life outside of work and it is beginning to wear on me. The problem is that I am constantly exhausted. Granted, my social skills have atrophied over the years of being withdrawn from personal connections. I miss the people in my life, but even the thought of social interaction brings crippling exhaustion.... Continue Reading →

An addled mind

I have posted little in some time. Depression will do that. I have been reasonably functional, but nothing has been able to hold my attention long. My responsibilities at work drains me of energy, leaving little to care about other pursuits. This isn't too far from the normality of my life for some time, just... Continue Reading →

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