Searching for Darkness, part one

“Why are we here, Barnabus?”  Montrose slipped into the bedroom just behind his friend.  It was a mess: Clothes piled everywhere posters hanging lazily from the wall, and the smell of old food.  He climbed the nightstand to see a sleeping teenager. Turning to glance over the room and the state of entropy made better... Continue Reading →

A Distant House, part one

The air was colder as they had approached the mountains, leaving Nima grateful that Ulrich was so thoughtful to obtain a thick fur cloak before leaving the last settlement.  She was still concerned that she heard Selig berating the man the next night. She snuggled deeper into the cloak, although it didn’t seem to bother... Continue Reading →

Another silent night,  Listening to the wind and rain Struggling to focus,  My mind at odds Simultaneously racing  And befuddled All at once A frustrating predicament The tea is gone But caffeine does nothing Too many years of dependency Too little care to reduce Dreaming of other worlds Cut from whole cloth My fingers dance... Continue Reading →


It's weird having emotions bottled up, especially when dealing with depression, mania, and anxiety. I can still feel the changes, but they are suppressed, ready to explode under too much pressure. The suicidal ideation (different from thoughts and tendencies, mind you...calm down) is still present, but dulled. The doctor increased my meds a while back... Continue Reading →


I am exhausted, particularly mentally. I take actions without thought and must deal with the consequences. These aren't conscious decisions, but more of an uninformed impulse. Certainty does not replaced an informed statement or behavior. Is this a manifestation of mental illness that the medication not effective against, or is it a side-effect of the... Continue Reading →

Writing is so difficult for me. I love it and have a considerable amount of ideas, character arcs, and scenes. Translating this into words is a nightmare. So, I just keep working on it, knowing that the effort will teach me more than imaginings ever would. Each of the short pieces that are on this... Continue Reading →

Salvation by Nightmare

They had been pursuing her for days, toying with their prey.  She knew they were close, but the echoes of the night made it difficult to know how far.  Hope still burned inside of her. Would he remember the promise? The map was detailed, leading her past one landmark after another.  If the family stories... Continue Reading →

Love exists as a single-born entity, Residing only within my breast. I want nothing more than her everlasting, Yet received nothing but the scraps of her present. Fearsome aloneness resides, As I drift into delusion. I feel her form within my arms, But hold nothing of substance. In her company I am but a beast,... Continue Reading →

How many masks do I observe Through the course of each day? The truth of an individual Is concealed by a facade. That person is easily recognized  Through a brief observation. This is too trying a thing Given our predilection for fantasy. We want a person to be That which is obvious. None want to... Continue Reading →

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