Frustration Beyond Measure

Well, this originally started with a comment on the frustration of being hindered in doing my job, but that has been overtaken by the fact that my previous start on this post was deleted. Regardless, neither of these frustrations are anuthing but an inconvenience. They are overshadowed by by a greater degree of aggravation at... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Advocacy

Twitter has become a recent obsession for me, in large part due to the greater opportunities I have experienced in meeting a more diverse range of people. A number of these use the platform to express their struggles with mental illness while others express that they are mental health advocates. The majority seem to have... Continue Reading →

What is a Clurichaun?

For over two decades I have generally relied upon clurichaun as my online nickname. It's a bit of a blur where I first learned of them, but it was certainly from Dungeons and Dragons or Changeling: The Dreaming role-playing game. My interest in playing these games became my desire to write fiction, although my obsession... Continue Reading →

What Is The Price Of A Word

I am obsessed with writing. It isn't something that has come easily for years. Once upon a time, I cranked out quite a few bits of stories, bit haven't in quite some time. The majority of what I have written for years is notes, page after page of them. Recently, though I have steadily been... Continue Reading →


I feel like such a slacker for not having posted in days, but things have been fairly hectic. On my birthday last week I started both a new job and a new career as administrative support at a state facility. That made for a great birthday gift. When I was 30 it seemed the park... Continue Reading →

Voices Within, part five

Montrose walked in silence, guiding Uri with one hand and sword in the other.  Barandus did not speak, but there seemed to be a low growl rumbling out of his throat as they moved past the unseeing figures.  He reached the doors first and began to scan the exterior. Montrose’s heart sank when Barnabas clenched... Continue Reading →

An apple a day…

...does not keep the doctor at bay. I'm not complaining, though. My psych is a great guy and we have a few minutes getting a laugh and I give him updates. He was rather shocked that I quit the park service, but was ecstatic that I have a career job now. One thing that has... Continue Reading →

Voices Within, part four

It didn’t take long to finish the ascent.  They had been quiet, each lost in their thoughts.  The trio stopped when they reached a set of stairs leading to a small portal. “We have no idea what is ahead,” Barnabus said.  “There will be nightmares all over. Some will be chatterlings, others phantoms.  They are... Continue Reading →

Voices Within, part three

“Now then, let’s get out of here.” Barnabus turned and began walking into the gloom.  It seemed the hazy light was following him, leaving Montrose and the child to follow or be left in the dark.   “I found this passage while you were unconscious.  It seems to lead up, which would be far better... Continue Reading →

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