A Poem: Monstrosity

There is a seething rage within me A terror that I have long labored to chain So much trouble it has caused Pain, anguish, fear I recognize the need for it, though Too long has this life been spent placid Avoiding conflict and confrontation Save it up, expend it only when necessary Remember kindness and... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: The Prismatic Pearl

Marley trudged through the storm.  She was certain it wouldn’t be much and passed a number of potential refuges.  Of course it began to rage after she had nowhere to take shelter. She grimaced and pushed through the weather, but it was getting more difficult as her plush insides became soaked through. She again regretted... Continue Reading →

Poem: That Fool

I have been foolish  A fool as well Yet, it is misunderstood by so many Some interpret it as being dim witted I have been thought of as slow Whereas others have called me brilliant On occasion, they are the same person The reality is that of a damaged mind Not a matter of intellect... Continue Reading →

Poem: Untitled, old

As you lay, alive and dead, I wonder, ponder, and weep Over the destruction of our dream I stand close by, watching you As you sleep without waking The result of a loving relationship Lying a few feet away in another bed Clean, sterile, orderly The very image of medical efficiency How did I fail... Continue Reading →

Mental Health: My Recent Experiences

I suppose, so that visitors can better distinguish among the various topics of my blog, it is time I should preface each post with a category. Some people seem more interested in reading about my experiences in living with mental illness. I hope that they take heart at reading of another person's similar experiences, or... Continue Reading →

A Recollection

Clurichaun. It was my online nick some twenty*coughcoughcough* years ago. Usually I was known as Clur, though. I was big into role-playing games and learned of the clurichauns through a game and novels that accompanied it. I fell in love with the spirit (no pun intended) of the creatures as it was presented. However, it... Continue Reading →

Poem – Fleeting

My heart is troubled As though that is new So many possibilities But only for so many Others have run out Gone Dust to dust It weighs down the soul Saying goodbye Whether to a lover Or a loved one The pain remains Always acting as reminder That our time is short And our work... Continue Reading →

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