In a matter of weeks I will be forty-four years old. It's just a number to me, marking out how long I have survived being me. Sometimes it feels as though I know exactly who has been marking the passage of those years, but others seem that I am a stranger to myself. I have... Continue Reading →

The Uncanny Guests, Part Four

Tad said, “I guess they ignite more spectacularly after you have improved them?” All three clurichauns hissed in unison:  “Yes!” The small party rode through the now empty street.  The explosion didn’t come until they had passed the town boundary.  The stone walls of the cellar and tavern send the blast up through the roof. ... Continue Reading →

The Uncanny Guests, Part Three

Tad and Sara exchanged a knowing glance.  They were both Netani and grew up on old stories. “So,” said Tad, “how long have you been living with us?” Ciara spoke next.  Apparently she was the leader, given the way that the other two seemed to defer to her. “Not too long.  When we arrived here... Continue Reading →

The Uncanny Guests, Part Two

In the darkness of the cellar, small shoes clicked on the stone floor.  They were small, about the size of a toddler, but fully formed. They were dressed well, but not showy.  The clothes are durable and designed to last. All three stood in silent thought, staring around the room.  One sucked at his teeth.... Continue Reading →

The Uncanny Guests, Part One

Tad went to the cellar to replenish the stock behind the bar.  He could barely keep up with the demand. Brewing takes time, but the sudden increase of business is forcing him to stay up long hours just to keep the drink aging sufficiently.  He always thought that his craft was sufficient, but the quality... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Salvation, Part Five

“It’s still close.  Somewhere in the neighborhood, I think,” Bilal said. “We’ll have a better chance with greater numbers.,” Teddy said.  “Bilal, this is Barnabus.” Bilal approached warily, examining Barnabus with curiosity. “So, you are him, then.  I have heard much of you.”  Bilal’s voice was soothing. Barnabus felt calm in the bear’s presence. “Probably... Continue Reading →


Another day is gone, and all I can do is sigh. So much I desire to do, to create, But where has the time gone? It seems time does nothing but escape, Leaving me here with precious little left to think. I am greedy, it is true, To want all these moments to stretch out,... Continue Reading →

Someone’s knocking

"Honey, there's someone at the door." Mark woke with a start. He could hear a faint knocking on the front door. It wouldn't have been enough to rouse him normally, but Fran made sure he would get up to answer it. He grumbled and climbed out of the bed. He was still grumbling as he... Continue Reading →

Damaging Words

"How can you say you love someone if you don't love yourself?" Has this question ever been put to you? I heard it from my ex-fiance. That should have been the clue that things wouldn't end well, but I loved her and wanted to find some meeting ground. It didn't work, obviously, since I prefaced... Continue Reading →

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