The Captain’s Mission

The sleigh raced through the forest, snow kicked up by the reindeer blinding it’s passengers.  Hally gripped the rails tightly as another tree was dodged. She glanced at the armored back of the driver who was standing on bent legs urging the beasts on.  For a woman who dwells in the wild, this reckless race... Continue Reading →

Light yellowed by dirty glass, Dust motes glinting in a fading dawn. Empty room, occupied by one, Hollow as the occupant. Silence rings through the halls, Marred by cats and machinery beneath. There exists a quandary; A need for a reason to rise. Rolling up into activity, Leaving plenty of time to cook. Yet, where... Continue Reading →

Cliches of Love

How to describe love? What interpretation presides? With what does one measure The requisite thees and thous? How much an abundance Of flowery discourse to purge? Empty your vacuous desires, Lest you explode in love. Perhaps that could be pleasing, Covering a lover in poesy Before the physicality of Amorous advances. Then there is the... Continue Reading →

I want everything that is beyond reach Chasing everything my fingertips brush My mind, emotions, intellect All are stunted and stifled By my mind, emotions, intellect There is so much desired I don’t deserve it all But I strive to earn I feed myself poisons Trying to bury the want With chemical stimulation Self-loathing remains... Continue Reading →

Beaten and broken Yet still in motion Accustomed to being damaged The new norm Lacking in hope Facing uncertainty Still standing More of habit Than strength Unending misery Refusing to die Sighing wearily Another triviality Making each day dull A loss of vigor Doubted Maligned Weak Continuing to love Caring for others A reminder to... Continue Reading →

A Need for Sadness

I've run out of one of my antidepressants, but might just hold off on taking it for a little while to see how things work out. I have preferred being medicated numb for some time because I have been such a wreck of a human being, but I also miss being able to feel emotions.... Continue Reading →


I do nothing but apologize,  Though I cannot bear the burden in whole. Condemnation, repulsion, ridicule; Why must I be the reviled, When I do not know where it went wrong? Sloth, gluttony, apathy; Consumption is an escape. Why is it such a crime for one who belongs nowhere? Coward, filth, fool; Why is it... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, my brother

Life gives and takes People grow apart The distance multiplied by years Far from sight Out of reach But memories continue to speak Sometimes they are harsh Others are bitter recriminations Though they cannot erase what was Friends become family Family become acquaintances There is no superiority Those dearest do not need blood Shared experiences... Continue Reading →

There is little to be said, Given that she is a princess. Her perfectionis for all to witness, It is exhibited Without being stoic or staid. All adore her presentation, The little details mean little to admirers. Her radiance often glitters, Though reality rarely outshines an imitation. Though she rarely is one to take chances,... Continue Reading →

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