Soldiers of the Void: Homecoming

Mick walked steadily towards the scanner, although he was just as reticent as the robed figure accompanying him.  So many years had passed.  Would their records have been archived?  Did they still exist at all?  So many had forgotten they existed and the two travelers had slipped into the realm of folktales and fiction.  Probably... Continue Reading →

Prompted: “Are those jorts?”

He didn’t shout.  That would not be dignified.  Rather, the arrogant and decisive tone of voice was more socially acceptable.  The old man could inject enough ice into his voice to lower the temperature of the room. “You will marry her, wastrel, or there shall be no provisions for an inheritance.  Your mother, God rest... Continue Reading →

Prompted: “Temptation”

She walked in silence, wandering among the tombstones, reading what epithets were chiseled into the stone.  The solitude and early morning mist comforted her.  Graveyards never felt lonely to the girl, not with so many to keep you company. The graveyard was not large enough for her.  She ran out of tombstones far too quickly. ... Continue Reading →

Prompted: “Don’t be early…”

Of all days to be early, he thought. The train was late.  It never was, but here he stood, 20 minutes of waiting. MacKenzie was always punctual.  His grandfather had raised him to be.  It was a matter of integrity, he had said, so MacKenzie always remained conscious of this lesson.  He looked after his... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Shall I Share A Dream?

I became fascinated with Ireland and Scotland sometime in my teens. Not too many years had passed before it became known to me that many of my ancestors came from these countries. Naturally, I went through a phase of considering it a matter of heritage, as so many Americans do, before escaping the romanticism of... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Turning the Dial

The face in the mirror wasn’t as bad as she expected.  The bruises remained, but at least the doctor’s stitches were precise.  In time they might even become so faint as to be unnoticeable.  It had happened again.  She knew better than to be so trusting, but he was sweet and handsome.  Aren’t they all,... Continue Reading →

Prompted: “Nan”

Nan was their life.  The siblings thought the small, fierce woman would never die.   She never talked of her life before grandfather brought her home as his wife.  All they knew of her life was that she came from Scotland.  Instead, she shared with them stories from the country, sometimes folklore and other times bits... Continue Reading →


I have again had a great deal of trouble writing, so it's time for something new. The series Prompted will be stories built upon writing prompts that I have been collecting for some time. I figure it was a good time to put them to use. Getting my brain to function is a necessity as... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: Enveloped in Shadows

The route through the cave passages went from colossal avenues to narrow passages.  The bear remembered the path quite well, even after so much time.  He never cared for the place, feeling that it was a cliche nightmare, that of the monster in the cave.  Every passage he passed held eyes watching him, but none... Continue Reading →

Poem: Honor

Abandoned, alone Untrue, yet the thought remains Eternally the stranger Standing apart Alien to the the outcast A mockery of man Enduring the violence of a savage Some throwback to bygone ages Infuriated with dishonor Raging against malfeasance Some distant element of myself Stifled over long years Reemerging after forced containment Longing to lash out... Continue Reading →

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