Mental Health: Concerned, Yet Not

Well, it seems changing my secondary medication to Cymbalta is helping tremendously, which is fortunate considering I will have surgery on Wednesday. If it wasn't I would certainly be considerably more upset over this. I've never had significant surgery before, even though this is "minor" work being done. I am bothered by the prospect, but... Continue Reading →

Soldiers of the Void: An Offer Refused

Mick barely felt Lanny’s weight bearing down on him.  The experiments created a fighting machine, but his skeletal frame weighed little.  Carrying him was not taxing, especially for his friend.   There was little difficulty slipping back into the hanger where the ship waited.  Mick noted debris scattered about.  Fragments of metal, strips of cloth, and... Continue Reading →

Site Updates

I have made changes to the post titles for their categories and added matching tags to make it easier to find those topics. The following are the tags: Quiet Dreams (blog posts) Mental Health The Nightmare Plague (serial fiction) Red Maple (a fantasy fiction serial) Soldiers of the Void (science fiction serial) Short Fiction (uncategorized... Continue Reading →

Soldiers of the Void: Who am I?

Void-Class Vessels: While no records exist proving the existence of these colossal vessels, they remain a fixture in both fiction and imagination.  Legend states that seven were built, each one claimed to be equivalent to a large urban settlement to that of a minor planet.  Were any of these fairy tales correct, such ships would... Continue Reading →

Mental Health: Where Things Stand

I want to build back up to the writing output from a few years ago, but I am struggling with everything. My mental health is stronger than it was last year, yet still in a terrible condition. The depression has been unrelenting for so long that I am experiencing difficulty in identifying where it stops... Continue Reading →

Quiet Dreams: Then and Now

General Henry Wilson Penal Laws Tenant evictions Kilmainham Jail Random words, yet all connected in the history of British oppression and dominance of Ireland. Centuries of colonialism, violence, and the treatment of an entire country of people without value. There were many attempts at pushing them from the island, but it did not bear fruit... Continue Reading →

Soldiers of the Void: Homecoming

Mick walked steadily towards the scanner, although he was just as reticent as the robed figure accompanying him.  So many years had passed.  Would their records have been archived?  Did they still exist at all?  So many had forgotten they existed and the two travelers had slipped into the realm of folktales and fiction.  Probably... Continue Reading →

Prompted: “Are those jorts?”

He didn’t shout.  That would not be dignified.  Rather, the arrogant and decisive tone of voice was more socially acceptable.  The old man could inject enough ice into his voice to lower the temperature of the room. “You will marry her, wastrel, or there shall be no provisions for an inheritance.  Your mother, God rest... Continue Reading →

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