Mickey vaulted the tall, spiked fence with ease. A youth spent in physical labor left him in good shape in spite of his recent lack of exercise. The knowledge that he was being pursued aided in his determination. Any number of reasons could explain why someone was interested enough to pursue him, but he couldn't... Continue Reading →

Blithely stumbling along, blind and weary

I am often confused. It is rather common these days for someone to make a comment, particularly a joke, and I just stand still trying to piece it all together. There are many things that still occur on automatic, such as driving (I've always been a paranoiac, defensive driver), but in serious cogitation, things aren't... Continue Reading →

11 years gone

Eleven years, a quarter of my life, was spent proudly wearing the uniform of a National Park Service park ranger. A great many people have done the same thing, living as a seasonal employee and working towards a permanent posting. It was an investment of time that did not end well. Every time I felt... Continue Reading →


Why am I fascinated with nightmares, more specifically fictionalized, horror-driven dreams. I have long been drawn to mythology and folklore creatures. There is an implied menace in the tales that are fuel for an over-active imagination. Faeries are usually depicted as beautiful creatures with gossamer wings, not the creatures of legend who were respected and... Continue Reading →

Social Self-Destruction

Insecurity is destructive, particularly when one thinks of relationships. I have always been a failure at intimacy due to a lack of confidence. The notion that one does not deserve love out of fears of inadequacy is not uncommon. Feeling as though you are doing your partner justice by bowing out before making things worse... Continue Reading →

I actually wonder sometimes if I have brain damage, possibly from being deathly ill as an infant. In truth it is me trying to suss out some reason for why I've always had difficulties with focusing. Yes, I have mentioned before about feeling as though my mind is mired in mud, but it is a... Continue Reading →


Sweet Halloween Dreams by begemott on Deviant Art This image is one of my favorites. The sight of the brave bear standing against an overwhelming opponent, two impossibilities faced off in conflict. This image eventually inspired me to create teddy bears fighting nightmares. Inspiration, though, can be a fine line, searching for that balance between... Continue Reading →

Strange Emotions

My medications have, rather suddenly, stopped being effective. In the last month I have had multiple crippling anxiety attacks the like of which have been unknown to me for longer than I can recall. Last week I began a depressive state that almost caused me to leave work early. What really drove it home, though,... Continue Reading →

Illusion of Sanity, final installment

Laticia and Sonny were in the path of the charging boogeymen.  Laticia took down two, but left herself open to the talons of a third.  The creature’s swing would have done worse than ripping away one of her eyes had Sonny not shoved her away.  His gesture then left himself open to the strike that... Continue Reading →

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