A Recollection

Clurichaun. It was my online nick some twenty*coughcoughcough* years ago. Usually I was known as Clur, though. I was big into role-playing games and learned of the clurichauns through a game and novels that accompanied it. I fell in love with the spirit (no pun intended) of the creatures as it was presented. However, it... Continue Reading →

Poem – Fleeting

My heart is troubled As though that is new So many possibilities But only for so many Others have run out Gone Dust to dust It weighs down the soul Saying goodbye Whether to a lover Or a loved one The pain remains Always acting as reminder That our time is short And our work... Continue Reading →

Well, it’s rapidly closing in on midnight and I am still drinking coffee. Also, a rare moment that I am not wearing a hat. I have started on Book One of The Nightmare Plague and the working title is Bilal. It will pick up on events in the serials that I post on the blog, in particular upcoming events. Bilal had been away from Amman for a short time, when instincts told him to return. He finds the city being tainted by nightmares and the veil between reality and the dreamscape is thinning. I had hoped to finish chapter one tonight, but, well, I’ve been lazy. I hope everyone is having, or had, a safe and pleasant night and may the coming year provide you with happiness and contentment. All my love, darlings.

The Bell is Tolling

The spirit saw the quarry.  It was a regrettable chore to complete, but knew it was the woman’s time.  On reflection, the creature did suspect that this wasn’t going to be a death in the natural course of life, but it was for others to decide such things.  Drawing itself up, the spirit was about... Continue Reading →

A Clarification, Perhaps

The other day I found a comment in the spam folder that looked like it was a genuine person rather than a bot, but perhaps it was. Regardless, it was attached to a blog post regarding the loss of a friend that was more of the little brother I wished I had. I discussed a... Continue Reading →

Eyes of Violet

Marley was leaning back on a rock staring into the distance when Barnabus returned.  Although he made no sound, she always knew when he was near.  He sat and leaned on the rock just close enough for their shoulders to touch.  She turned her head and looked at him out of the corner of her... Continue Reading →

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