Quiet Dreams: Hot Mess

I might as well rename this blog The Hot Mess. Originally I envisioned a focused theme which was living with mental illness. Then I got stuck, writer’s block struck, or I saw something shiny, whatever works. Life and mental health were joined by The Nightmare Plague and poetry. There are posts regarding books and authors, then more fiction serials, random history posts and even a little mythology. Guess what? I’m stuck again. If you guessed that I am adding a new topic, clap your hands.

I’ve been evasive regarding where I live on open accounts, particularly since it is such a small town. I was originally hesitant to share my fiction and poetry as well, but moved past that because providing something I desperately want to entertain readers took precedence. This time, though, the topic is my hometown of Smithland and nearby Paducah. The doctor’s want me to walk more, so people around here might connect me to the strange teenager who wandered the town every day, sometimes for hours. I had my favorite hidey holes to get out of sight and sit, undisturbed, so that I could read and daydream. Both were my primary hobbies. I’ve never felt that I was living the right life and the world confused me almost as much as people..

The last month has been a rough one, having had surgery that has left me housebound for longer than expected, and the passing of my brother. Being unable to write has robbed me of my primary mode of daily therapy. I need to do something to be mentally active again. I hope y’all find my memories entertaining.

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  1. I think we have times when we’re all a hot mess. I’m kinda a bit of one right now. For different reasons. (Well right now I’m literally a hot mess…hot flashes. Oye.)
    I wanted to see if you were ready and able to meet up for some Etcetera tea or coffee but since you’re house bound I guess that’s a no. Would love to get together with my friends again.
    Add as many subject as you like or need. Doesn’t hurt a bit.
    I was walking and loosing weight, but now I’m teetering. Fell off the wagon and keep tripping trying to catch up. When I was younger I use to walk to town with my little brother. Gone are those days. We have this lovely gazebo in town now that looks like a great place to sit and relax. Not exactly a hidey hole though.
    I remember that time you and I hung out at the buzzards nest during October fest years (and years) ago. Gosh I don’t even remember what year that was.
    I’m rambling on again. So I’ll shut up and let you rest. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you soon. 💜

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