Quiet Dreams: Then and Now

General Henry Wilson

Penal Laws

Tenant evictions

Kilmainham Jail

Random words, yet all connected in the history of British oppression and dominance of Ireland. Centuries of colonialism, violence, and the treatment of an entire country of people without value. There were many attempts at pushing them from the island, but it did not bear fruit until the Irish Rising, although at the sacrifice of the Six Counties.

Crop destruction

Violent evictions

Absolute control

Stolen lands

I think few people in the world could understand Palestine better than the Irish. The displacement of these people began slowly around the turn of the Twentieth Century, but accelerated following World War II. The world powers decided to create a Jewish homeland by stealing land from the Palestinian people. A large part of this was due to Judeo-Christian beliefs, but also was Western powers dominance in the Middle East. Did you think the violence between these two peoples begin in a vacuum? Perhaps the propaganda of Arab hatred of the Jews? It began with theft. Even today few of the major world powers recognize the existence of a Palestinian state. It is all the possession of Israel. The facts exist if you truly wish to learn them.

The Palestinians continue to lose their country acre by acre, house by house. Treaty after treaty has been broken as the displacement carries forward. Many people have said, on camera, that they are going to push Arabs from Jerusalem one neighborhood after another. Others been recorded expressing complete disinterest at people losing the homes their families dwelt in for generations. The world does not care. Labeling a people defending themselves and their ancestral lands as terrorists is all that is needed to disregard their humanity. There is also the biblical concept that the destruction of Israel will herald the End Times. Why care about destitute Arabs?

This blog will anger so many people that I know, but it remains the truth. There continues an idea that a degree in history is about memorizing dates and names. The disregard for news agencies as “fake news” is excellent propaganda. I was educated in data compilation, source evaluation, research (not Googling for material that supports what you want to hear), and how to search for common threads of fact, or as much as may exist. I was known for being good at this and my work was trusted by many professors for quality. Nevertheless, my words will be disregarded at best, attacked at worst. It depends on how open you are to new ideas and a willingness to examine how you view the world. Challenge me, though, and expect a fight. I will not yield.

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