Prompted: “Temptation”

She walked in silence, wandering among the tombstones, reading what epithets were chiseled into the stone.  The solitude and early morning mist comforted her.  Graveyards never felt lonely to the girl, not with so many to keep you company.

The graveyard was not large enough for her.  She ran out of tombstones far too quickly.  Pouting, she looked up at the ornate cathedral.  It was an expensive, arrogant pile.  Apparently structural issues with the previous building, it’s more simple appearance became this gaudy thing.  She smiled.  This would be simple.

Remembering from the past of where the grounds were consecrated, she stopped just short.  Her smile was broad and wicked, but, as she began to purse her lips for a whistle, the world felt wrong.  Confusion became a sudden alarm as she took a long step to the cathedral proper.  Nothing happened.

Eyes wide in horror, the young woman strode towards the building, circling it to reach the front door.  Panic continued with every second and she barged through the unlocked doors.

She gazed around at the expensive design, the luxurious furnishings.  As she stepped through the vestibule, her hands reached into the flesh of her face, pulling it away as if it were a hood.  Shaking off the suit of humanity, she exposed her true form:  long, black hair curled around the spiral horns, sideways slitted eyes gaping, and thick talons.  Her face was exquisitely beautiful.  Beauty, not in a sexual manner, but a pure, stunning image.

She folded up her disturbing clothing, stuffing them into a small pouch which swallowed the bundle easily.  It took several minutes before she saw the priest standing patiently before the altar.  He began to clap, approving noises sliding through perfect teeth.

“I have waited with such anticipation for someone to notice my art!”  He was youngish, but it was difficult to guess at an age in that bearded face.  He was thrilled as a child showing off crude artwork to a nodding parent.

Bewilderment and fear became a towering rage.

“What have you done,” she shrieked.  “How can I enter so freely?  Why is this now unhallowed ground?  This is against His Design!”

The man looked shocked at the outburst, and looked wounded at her next words.


The scream shook the pillars of the unholy cathedral.

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