Poem: Untitled, old

As you lay, alive and dead,

I wonder, ponder, and weep

Over the destruction of our dream

I stand close by, watching you

As you sleep without waking

The result of a loving relationship

Lying a few feet away in another bed

Clean, sterile, orderly

The very image of medical efficiency

How did I fail you?

Will I ever hear that sweet voice again?

Alone, but for the sympathy,

I wander the world

Searching for new truths

Praying for a cure

Hoping for answers

Longing for my lost love

Denial, they whisper, as i continue my quest

Guilt, they murmur, as I walk the esoteric pathways

Dead, they say, when I ask how love is

I continue to trod the unknown track

Relentless, driven, losing a sense of self

Close on my heels

Walking the waking dream

I pursue that which eludes my grasp

Forever reaching out, never catching

That which one careless man

Stole from my heart

As mother and daughter

Wife and child

Lay in cold, sterile rooms

Out of reach, but close enough to touch

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