Who Might You Be?, A Poem

Good afternoon

May I shake you by the hand

I wouldn’t be so forward

To make an assumption

Not everyone cares for a touch

I mean no offense

But you look fascinating to my eyes

Such colors to wrap about yourself

Purple is a favored hue of mine

A merry layer of shades

Yet, your face shows concerns

The weight of so many woes

I would gladly listen

and, hopefully, it could ease the burden

My heart is heavy

Seeing you bent double 

Troubles growing with time


I am a strange man

Closed off

Separate from others

Becoming full of expression

When the anonymity enfolds my identity

In person people can be uncomfortable

When shown care and concern

Suspicions spring to the mind

Disbelief overshadows compassion

Few know what to make of me

So many aspects of a person

My burdens are difficult as well

Perhaps we could lighten the pressure

If we walk together

Sharing out the stories

That drag us down

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