Quiet Dreams: Early Morning Thoughts

Well, my vacation has officially started. It’s only the second time I have actually set aside time for one as well. I have no clue what all will be done in the next two weeks apart from writing and possibly going to the coffee shop. House cleaning certainly needs to occur, though. Ever since my down turn in mental health last August, the house has been neglected. Majorly.

The change in signs and symptoms of my mental illness changed in such a way that it baffled both my psych of five years and new therapist. I became completely incapable of caring for myself in every way imaginable. It was very difficult to eat and I lost about twenty pounds in two months. My gag reflex had become so bad that it was next to impossible to swallow medications. On the other hand, I was more productive and social at work. Quite strange.

I seem to be pulling out of that drop, but slowly. I began writing again, which may be the solution to becoming well. Perhaps only a bit, granted, but any change for the positive is a good sign.

Writing is cathartic to me regardless of the genre. It is always a hope that people will read my work and derive pleasure from it, or at the least, simple entertainment. Hopefully more people will find comfort in the words. As far as writing about mental illness, I truly hope it can help others. I am drawn to these people and am compelled to show them compassion and love, since I also know how difficult it can be to receive such or to be able to accept that it exists. If I can help lessen the burdens of even one person, then that is all that matters.

I have yet to set up a page for the Red Maple stories, I think, but The Nightmare Plague always draws me back. It is my passion and one day a full-length novel may emerge from it. As poorly as I feel about my skill as a poet, it seems to be far more popular than the other writings. Originally, though, this was a mental health blog and a place to share stories from my experiences I thought to be interesting. Rather a hodgepodge of topics.

Well, onwards to more coffee. Thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed what you read. Hopefully it doesn’t end up in the spam folder where it can be difficult to tell genuine comments from the spam. Have a great day if you are able, darlings, and come back to visit again. Remember that you are loved and show kindness and compassion when you can, but save some for yourselves. Talk to you soon.

2 thoughts on “Quiet Dreams: Early Morning Thoughts

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  1. I have been battling really bad gag reflex for a while and it got seriously worse recently. I wonder how much of it was anxiety and how much of it is physical ailment. It’s lessoned greatly since my gallbladder surgery a couple weeks ago. But unfortunately it’s not completely gone. I hope it eases up for you. It’s an awful thing to deal with on regular basis. Especially when get to point of wretching/dry heaving at random moments. I’m glad you are coming back up. Keep climbing. Sending love and hugs.
    Btw is Etcetera open? Or is it pick up only?


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