Poetry: Looking Back

The past is filled with nostalgia

Tainted, as it is, by my interactions with life

For every good moment

Three points of misery arise

Suffocating their charm

I remain wistful, though

Recalling the love

Wishing I knew how to have made some moments brighter

So many gone from my sight

So many memories faded

Yet the pleasure remains

John, the aspiring theologian

So full of grace and love

I hope he is well

My childhood crush

Her name was Buffy

I often wonder what happened to her

So many glorious people

Their names lost

Those i will never be able to find again

There was the charming and beautiful woman of Cyprus

I was too cowardly to pursue her

Caroline could not spare much time for me

She was on a timeshare, though

With all the other guys

The crew of Cartmell Hall

There were so many of us

Some actually lived there

Not sure this is going where it began

But it feels good to reminisce

Loves that could have been

Loves that should not have been expressed

Friendships that will always be in my memories

So many people, looking back

That helped me be a better man

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