Poetry: Where Does My Soul Reside?

I have been so many caricatures to so many people

A unified whole has rarely been experienced

Some have seen what I allowed

Others have seen what they assumed

Yet others saw what they imagined me to be

Precious few have observed the reality

Camouflage and appearances have been my defense

Within a world that has never accepted all of who I am

Some have been unnerved by the beast

A rage not always wholly suppressed

Sometimes righteous

Other times misguided

Yet still it is me

I have shown some my vulnerabilities

They sneered at weakness

Used it to their advantage

I have long hidden behind various facades

To conceal myself among those who would not accept

Lies and whispers have followed me

Most have died away

Others remain, suspicious of what is in my heart

The castoffs of society

The misfits and the forgotten

They have been my tribe

Although even among them i remain an outsider

Always something apart

Never a unified whole with the world

Searching for who would accept all of my soul

Should I dare trust enough to reveal it

An illusory person

That exists solely within my dreams

One thought on “Poetry: Where Does My Soul Reside?

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  1. I think most people have a part of them they hide away from the rest of the world. Either out of fear or shame. I don’t think you’re an outsider. You’re an insider to me. 😊 But I know how you feel. I’ve often felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. Like I was in the way every where I go or just invisible (until I do something stupid). Even though I often don’t feel like I deserve to be seen and heard, I want to be, to a certain extent. (Not as in drama llama) And I should be. And you deserve it too.
    …ok I keep losing my train of thought and my eyelids are getting heavy. So I’ll shut up now. Take care.

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