Quiet Dreams: Unquiet Dreams

Lately, much like this morning, I have found myself disturbed. A number have dreams have come to me of late that were very deceptive. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, although the events and settings were themselves representative of monumental changes to my life. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but a sense of unease accompanied each one. There were little details that, although they played an insignificant part and melded into the whole seamlessly, were most definitely wrong. Each dream has played through in the same fashion, with an almost festive or pleasurable presentation or theme, but a sense of foreboding accompanied each one. I woke then as I did this morning, shaken and guilty, as though the dreams were themselves accusatory. It is very difficult to articulate what was associated with the dreams as opposed to what actually happened.

2 thoughts on “Quiet Dreams: Unquiet Dreams

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  1. It’s so frustrating to wake up from a dream feeling a certain way and not know why. Sometimes it can ruin your whole day.
    I’m curious, Do people in your dreams morph from one person to another?
    Dreams and dream interpretation have always fascinated me and frustrated me at the same time. One thing that I’ve learned is that there really isn’t a universal symbolism. One object may not mean the same to different people. Although there are things that of a lot of us associate in similar ways.
    Hope you can get it figured out and find peace. Sleep well my friend.

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