Poetry: The Unattainable


It’s been so long since I have had a walk

Will you join me?

It is a pleasure to have the honor

May I have your consent to take your hand?

You are most gracious with this honor

Such a simple pleasure in life

Is your touch

Shall we proceed?

The air is crisp tonight

I would greatly appreciate to hold you

I will share my warmth with you

It is good that you are well dressed

The winter night would have been harsh

Should not be so covered

We won’t walk far

I can see that your face is suffering

But the illumination of the lights on your skin

The effect is alluring

You have traveled so far to be here

The stories you might share would be a wonder

Tales of distant places

Experiences you have had

So remote to my own

Please share with me things

Fill my dreams with your recollections

Bring me the joy of knowing your thoughts

I crave the knowledge of life as you have seen it

But the night is growing deep

And the wind is rising

The world conspires to make me wait

Yet my impatience is nothing

Only fuel for the fire within

You are a true beauty

Though it is your mind that entrances me

Please walk with me again under the stars

Share your world with me

That is the pleasure I seek

To know you

And rejoice in your spirit

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