Quiet Dreams: A Community of Strangers

I have been struggling to write anything since April. I told my therapist that I feel writing may be the key to pull myself out of where I am right now mentally and he was enthusiastic about the idea. I spoke about how much I love meeting people around the world on Twitter and seeing the notifications of visitors to my blog from various countries. The stats page shows me the countries and it brings me joy. So, between us, the idea sparked to talk about my own little global community.

Having become so withdrawn recently, it’s difficult to interact with the people I know and love more intimately. Oddly enough, I have found it easier to interact with people I will never meet. On Twitter I am often drawn to people experiencing life troubles much like my own, some of whom are likewise dealing with mental health issues. It is soul crushing to me to see so many people suffering similarly to myself and I try to give the support and care I able to share. I want to do what I can for these strangers I gladly welcome into my life.

I have a request of anyone who reads this: Can you leave me a comment, even if it is just to say hello? Maybe leave a random comment about your life? It would bring me joy to interact with some of the people who are gracious enough to read my posts. This one is shorter than I intended, but writing is still a struggle. I am working on it, though.

As always, thank you for stopping by, darlings. Kindness is free, so give it out to everyone you can, but also remember to be kind to yourself. Please?

6 thoughts on “Quiet Dreams: A Community of Strangers

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  1. Hey William, I always come to read your posts and your writing always puts in to words some of the ways I feel. Communicating with strangers has always been more comforting for me, because they don’t have as many expectations of me, they haven’t really met me to makes their own assumptions of who or what I’m supposed to do or be.
    You’re one of those ppl I interact with on twitter and I’m lucky to have you. Hope things get better and that you’re writing works as a release


  2. Hi William,
    I read and reread your writing from time to time. Many days I see your posts on Twitter, but my brain is frazzled too much to read your blog. I come here on calmer days when this TBI is not glitching overwhelmingly.
    Reading can be a challenge these days.
    Thank you for the adventures you take my mind on. Your writing is vivid and healing to me. It helps me remember the artist I once was when the images of your characters as I imagine them come to my mind.
    You are very dear to me kindred soul. I hope that one day we will meet round a bond fire. You are loved friend.

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    1. Thank you, dear heart, for such kind words. It is gratifying to know that people are interested and entertained by my writing. I have a great deal of trouble reading these days, so I fully understand. I’m still working on getting links set up on the individual pages, so it will be easier to find things when you are able. Much love to you, my friend. 💕


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