Quiet Dreams: Far Away Dreams

I have never been a traveler. As I’ve gotten older it has gotten more difficult to leave my comfort zone, but there are some stirrings. I cannot say exactly when the urge to visit Jordan began to set in, but a deep-seated curiosity in the ruins of Petra had been with me for years.I simply cannot explain it, but the yearning is there to visit someplace far and away, a country so very different from this little patch of the States that is my comfort zone.

While writing The Nightmare Plague, it was a given to my mind that Barnabas needed to go to Jordan for help. I decided that he must confront a Jinn, Bilal was hastily devised and thrown in, but now I have further intentions upon him. Amman became the scene and I read a little bit to add in some features, but didn’t spend so much time establishing the backdrop. This was a disservice to the place and at some point I feel compelled to understand the city better to do it justice. But, reading about Amman has made the itch even worse.

There is so much history just in Amman that it leaves me tingling and lost at where to even start. The antiquity and layers of past people and their lives beguiles me. I want to walk Rainbow Street, ducking into one shop after another. I crave losing myself in another culture, to enjoy their food, to dress in clothing that more matches their sense of fashion than my own. I want to he4ar their music, experience their sorrows, listen to their devotions, laugh with them, to cry with these people through joys and sorrows. The true urge isn’t to visit, but to spend that time living among them, to feel deep within how their culture sings in their bones. I crave whatever they can teach me about life. And, although I have become a coward to approaching women, I will be tasteless and confess that I also want to admire the women and a beauty that is not experienced where I live. This last part may provoke reactions around here, but I don’t care.

I know so little of Amman specifically and Jordan in general to really describe why I am so enthralled with the place. Again, I don’t simply want to visit, I am drawn to throwing myself into their culture to experience it deeply. Maybe one day.

Thank you for stopping by, arlings. All my love to you and yours and I would love it if you would stop by again, maybe leave me a comment somewhere. Until the next time, be kind to yourselves, okay?

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