The Nightmare Plague: In Pursuit of Salvation, part three

Barnabus traveled the dreams and nightmares of one person after another, traveling to someone seated in an airplane.  He materialized in an unattended corner, staying there through the flight, listening to the dreams and nightmares, addressing the latter as needed.  The flight was long, arriving in Europe later, where he resumed his dream journey until he finally arrived at the country of Jordan. The last dream took him to the place of Petra.  

Without a definite answer for what he searched for, the bear wandered through the site, admiring the carved structures and caves that covered the stone walls.  As he continued, a familiar presence came to his senses. Barnabus began to move with purpose towards the bear he knew was there. He stopped after a while, looking straight ahead.  A smile split his muzzle.

“Hello, Teddy.”  The warmth of his words were evident.

“Hello Barnabus, my boy.”  The speaker was a black teddy bear, his eyes squinting behind thick spectacles.  He had a sturdy handshake and a knowing look. Barnabus was not always comfortable with that stare.

“How are you, old bear?”

The bear laughed.  It was a jolly sound that ricocheted off the walls.

“Old?  You’re one to talk.  What brings you here?”

Barnabus related his story to his friend, going back to when he and Marley caught up with Marley after passing through the Garden.

“This catastrophe could easily expand,” Teddy said grimly, “and word must be spread so awareness may be a bulwark against the storm.”

“You think that this is a greater threat than I expected.”

“Barnabus,” the bear said primly, “you are not a fool.  Do not understate the situation.”

Barnabus opened his mouth, then shut it again.  

“You’re right, of course.”

Teddy sighed.  “You are strong enough to take on most anything and are unique, but those who follow you are not.  Be more careful about those who travel with you.”

The rebuke was gentle, but Barnabus felt the force behind the words.  He nodded silently to the old bear before him and walked over to sit on the steps of a nearby building.

“You know I am doing my best in changing what I was made to be.  It would be easier if I were just a teddy bear, but I’m not.  

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