The Nightmare Plague: Searching for Darkness, part two

Nothing was visible below them but clouds, the rush of wind ruffling their fur.  The wind was strong enough to stop Montrose from screaming in shock. He could just hear Barnabus say:  “This hasn’t happened in a long time. Get comfortable. This could take a while.”

Montrose looked at the bear, his eyes wild.  Nothing he said could be heard, though. He was further shocked to see Barnabus cross his arms and go to sleep!

After a while, Montrose calmed down.  He wasn’t certain how long they had been falling and wondered how long it would last.  Eventually he could see the ground and his anxiety increased. Barnabus woke up at that point.

“Finally.  Have you enjoyed yourself, Montrose?”

The bear glared at him and yelled what they should do now.

“Imagine landing on your feet.  We aren’t as affected as though experiencing this in their minds.”  Montrose focused as he was told and a moment later they were strolling easily along a field of bright grass and rolling hills.

“The purpose of that trip would be…”

Barnabus grinned.

“We just traveled between multiple dreams of falling.  That’s why it took so long.”

“So who’s dreams are we in now?”

“I’m not sure and we shouldn’t spend the time finding out.  Since falling tends to be a type of nightmare, we should be able to find a way into others.”

As they walked, the background would shift and Montrose realized they were moving faster as the scenery suddenly shifted past them.  

“Yes, I see it,” Barnabus said before his friend could comment.  “The landscape is shifting past us. I’m doing that to speed us along.”

Montrose said nothing further and they continued in silence.  Eventually they reached a door standing in the field. Barnabus said nothing, opened it, and disappeared inside.  Montrose gave up on asking and followed him through.

They emerged into a strange town apparently held within an immense cavern.  The scene held a claustrophobic appearance, with the second stories hanging out over the crowded streets.  Thick smoke billowed out of the chimneys, leaving black streaks over everything. The people themselves appeared to mostly be human, but there were a variety of other shapes.  There were other animated stuffed animals. A rocking horse shuffled past them, and there were other, more exotic, denizens.

“Where are we,” Montrose breathed.  “What is this place?”

“The Crossroads.  We can use this place to reach other realms of existence, particularly nightmares.  Cmon, we need to find someone.” Barnabus set off down a seemingly random street.

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