The Nightmare Plague: Searching for Darkness, part one

“Why are we here, Barnabus?”  Montrose slipped into the bedroom just behind his friend.  It was a mess: Clothes piled everywhere posters hanging lazily from the wall, and the smell of old food.  He climbed the nightstand to see a sleeping teenager. Turning to glance over the room and the state of entropy made better sense.

“It is a bit whiffy, that is true, but this one dreams darkly often enough, but just short of nightmares.  We can use her dreams to travel. I need answers.”

Montrose shrugged, hopping down to the floor.  The bears had been looking for a strong dream connection or an active nightmare.  Somehow Barnabus could sniff his way through the dream world and something had been creating more powerful nightmares such as the Chatterlings that the pair had recently fought and, more recently, assisting Marley and her companions with an ancient bogeyman.  Montrose was young, although his appearance as a teddy bear looked aged, dressed with a certain dignity.   

While Montrose ruminated, Barnabus was searching the room.  The light glinted on his red boots, which matched his cap and untucked shirt.  Jeans and a tweed coat completed his outfit. The bear was as eclectic as his clothing.  

Exasperated, Montrose said, “What are you looking for?”

“There must be something here with a dream connection.  She rarely has nightmares, so it wouldn’t be the closet or under the bed.”  He continued to poke around the room, digging into heaps of unwashed clothing.  Barnabus rarely explains what he is doing, so his explanation was a shock to Montrose.  He leaned against a bedpost and watched the other bear continue to search.

“Found it!”  Barnabus held up A reeking shirt with some band name.  “She wears this often and it frequently shows up in her dreams.  Let’s put it in her bed and see if she dreams of it.”

Shrugging, Montrose followed him up onto the bed.  Barnabus placed the shirt in the girl’s hands, which she promptly began to cuddle.  The bears closed their eyes and saw a way into her dreams.

Their eyes opened at the rush of air and the sensation of falling from a great height.

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