Poetry: Cliches of Love

How to describe love?

What interpretation presides?

With what does one measure

The requisite thees and thous?

How much an abundance

Of flowery discourse to purge?

Empty your vacuous desires,

Lest you explode in love.

Perhaps that could be pleasing,

Covering a lover in poesy

Before the physicality of

Amorous advances.

Then there is the trick

Of kissing her hand.

Lips dry from nerves,

Sandpaper brushing her knuckles.

Wet your lips,

And be as a dog

Slobbering over the mistress’ hand.

Stumbling, stuttering words,

Fumbling over slippery compliments.

When should you have noticed,

She spent so much time on her hair.

Miss that clue,

Then crawl into the gutter.

Perhaps a bed of roses,

And a bank loan to pay for it.

I could prepare a romantic dinner,

But should i yell

And throw frozen cookies to the audience?

I tried massaging her back

The other night with fine oils

How was I to know of her allergies,

Peanut oil in particular?

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