Frustration Beyond Measure

Well, this originally started with a comment on the frustration of being hindered in doing my job, but that has been overtaken by the fact that my previous start on this post was deleted. Regardless, neither of these frustrations are anuthing but an inconvenience. They are overshadowed by by a greater degree of aggravation at the intersection of life and mental health issues. It is one thing to know what these concerns are and to address the internal troubles, but what about external factors?

My work life has long been a source of dismay, feeling as though there was no satisfaction in continuing with a company if there was no perceivable future with them. My solution was to be ambitious in a way that was uncommon for me. This approach nearly led me to a park position and led to the decision to return to college to finish my degree. A year after finishing I was working my first season at Mammoth Cave. It took years before I accepted that my career was not going to be a reality. I began with hopes and expectations and ended with a greater anxiety and depression over the future. Perseverance led me to my current job which is a career position. The impact on my mental health remains as I fret over succeeding.

There are so many influences on mental health, not all of which can be treated with medication, but require more attention at how external events can affect you. This feels a bit disjointed and I hope it makes some sense. Thanks for stopping by and take care of yourselves.

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  1. I wish I could give you a big hug that just dissolves all your worries away. May the Lord bless you peace of mind, body and Spirit.


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