Poem: Honor

Abandoned, alone Untrue, yet the thought remains Eternally the stranger Standing apart Alien to the the outcast A mockery of man Enduring the violence of a savage Some throwback to bygone ages Infuriated with dishonor Raging against malfeasance Some distant element of myself Stifled over long years Reemerging after forced containment Longing to lash out... Continue Reading →

Poem: Unattainable

I yearn for the implausible A love beyond reach Outsider to desires Craving a beauty that is but a dream A myth that I covet Woman of distant lands Haunting my every waking thought Drawing forth a sigh of longing Desperate for a long sought caress Love that would invite condemnation Forbidden among my people... Continue Reading →

Poem: Goodbyes

So it goes Another spirit seen off A gay assemblage, reuniting The buzz of conversations Laughter among family So incongruous to my experience Accustomed as i am to stoicism Yet, they are celebrating their love Joy Connections restored While i sit, alone A stranger among them Penning these lines Wishing to join in As they... Continue Reading →


Marley, Barnabus, and Bilal have not only become central characters to my favorite fiction, but have also become a part of my life. I often just sit and think of what will become of them, knowing that a writer's job isn't to coddle their characters, but to test them beyond all limits. I have so... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Plague: At the Crossroads

The night was soft, gentle, easily lulling people to slumber, And yet, a rumble came through the distance, The sound swelled, as a great tide before crashing into the shore, What may have been thunder took on something less welcome, That of a multitude of horsemen, all too familiar to those whose ears it touched,... Continue Reading →

Mental Health: Interlude

Confession time: I ran out of one of my psych meds nearly a week ago and won't get more until tomorrow or the day after. Don't shout at me! I ran out and kept getting distracted and realized there were no refills when I could focus on the fact. So, it only occurred to me... Continue Reading →

A Few Thoughts on the Celts, Part One

To be a Celt would have been an honor, though their way of life could not survive with the introduction of “civilization”.  They weren’t a homogenous culture, but a vast network of people’s spread across Europe that possessed similar cultural traits.Romans often wrote of these “barbarians”, referring to them as Celts generally, but also by... Continue Reading →

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