Where Does My Soul Reside?

I have been so many caricatures to so many people A unified whole has rarely been experienced Some have seen what I allowed Others have seen what they assumed Yet others saw what they imagined me to be Precious few have observed the reality Camouflage and appearances have been my defense Within a world that... Continue Reading →

Unquiet Dreams

Lately, much like this morning, I have found myself disturbed. A number have dreams have come to me of late that were very deceptive. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, although the events and settings were themselves representative of monumental changes to my life. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but a sense of unease... Continue Reading →

Pebbles Across the Water

This silence was soothing.  There was sound, but not that of civilization.  These were the song of the earth and fed the soul.  The water was expansive, still, and inviting.  Too sharp in its wrath to enter, but a resting place for a lost spirit.  He thought of its depth and the welcoming embrace of... Continue Reading →

An Insatiable Desire

This hunger gnaws at my soul Demanding appeasement I drift along Satisfying my desire whenever I may Yet it unceasingly calls to me Draws me into its clutches Screaming for a satisfaction that is never met My mind is too broken Cannot fully realize the feeding of this glutton Pages of books turn into meaningless... Continue Reading →

The Unattainable

Hello It’s been so long since I have had a walk Will you join me? It is a pleasure to have the honor May I have your consent to take your hand? You are most gracious with this honor Such a simple pleasure in life Is your touch Shall we proceed? The air is crisp... Continue Reading →

A Lost Heart

I think of you often Many nights I pray that you call out to me I have no birthright or claim upon you Only this yearning for what will never be mine I know where you lie So far from my eyes Beyond my ability to pay homage Yet not so far that my thoughts... Continue Reading →


I have always stumbled My eyes growing weaker with age Squinting ahead, looking for the next obstacle They have seen so many Have grown so weary, searching far and near But, as times pass, they continue to serve Teaching my feet where to tread Learning when to stumble rather than fall It has become second... Continue Reading →

Thou Shalt Not

So it goes Another line in the sand I crave contentment Serenity To keep chained a beast Malignance given physical stature Restrain the anger Grown cold from imprisonment Yet still smoldering Eagerly awaiting that breath The puff of air To ignite the conflagration I have fought this creature Time and again Shackled it Listened to... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Nightmare Plague

Easily this has been my favorite project to ever work on and it's tearing me apart that focus and determination are insufficient means to resume work on it. It began as something dear to me, representing issues of concern. I had begun to think of it less as a serial piece and something that I... Continue Reading →

A Community of Strangers

I have been struggling to write anything sincew April. I told my therapist that I feel writing may be the key to pull myself out of where I am right now mentally and he was enthusiastic about the idea. I spoke about how much I love meeting people around the world on Twitter and seeing... Continue Reading →

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