Goodbye, my brother

Life gives and takes People grow apart The distance multiplied by years Far from sight Out of reach But memories continue to speak Sometimes they are harsh Others are bitter recriminations Though they cannot erase what was Friends become family Family become acquaintances There is no superiority Those dearest do not need blood Shared experiences... Continue Reading →

There is little to be said, Given that she is a princess. Her perfectionis for all to witness, It is exhibited Without being stoic or staid. All adore her presentation, The little details mean little to admirers. Her radiance often glitters, Though reality rarely outshines an imitation. Though she rarely is one to take chances,... Continue Reading →

I beg your pardon for my intrusions, But i am unable to resist. It is no more than a mask of emotions, A collection of which that will not desist. You are my friend and quite dear, Particularly for your humor, as dry as a desert. A simple thing to laugh till i tear, When... Continue Reading →

Flight of the Wild Geese It was a tiresome night, Dreary and damp. I sat beside the window As rivulets streamed down. As weary as I feel I have to wonder; Was it a night such as this When wild geese fled their home? So many as these were It must surely have been so.... Continue Reading →

In my dreams,the angels dance, The world is fine,the joy of life runs unabated. As I walk in wakeful slumber, The angels call for me to dream, Morpheus beckoning me  With the promise of sweet oblivion. But the world holds me still, An anchor to the drudgery of existence. Trudging through another day, Praying for... Continue Reading →

Moonlight whispers, seraphs dancing, A cosmic collage of tears in the heavenly ether, Betray the light that weeps beyond. Lightning's laughter, thunderous bellows, Rending the night in a cacophonous awakening, Revealing the slumbering spirit below. Amidst the diaphanous veil, the dreamers beheld, And hold dear the secrets lost till they dream again.

Ahlia’s Intro, Practice Session

Ahlia took another sip of the thick, sweet coffee in her cup.  She was sparing with the luxury; it took quite some time for supplies to reach her camp.  She swirled the remains in the earthenware cup and drained down the dregs, needing all the energy available in the liquid.  Sighing, her eyes passed over... Continue Reading →

Twilight’s sadness The stars weeping Yet below their gaze And angels dream Happiness and contentment Elusive and betraying Slip her grasp And leave her downcast Through life she whirls Burning joy into others And admiration grows As her beauty is beheld She dances lightly Feet sheathed in gossamer On supple legs That carry her through... Continue Reading →


I posted part of this old poem not long ago, but, after nearly twenty years, forgot that the rest was scattered through the journal. Here is the complete poem: How tender is a sweet caress, A moment of masculine weakness. Bright thoughts, drained of duress, The simple ecstacy of touching silken tresses. Doe-eyed bliss reflected... Continue Reading →

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